Hand carved and moulded cement creations. Inspired by inspration itself!!!
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Quick Video on How a planter is made

Valerie McCaffrey A Decade in Concrete Video on making a planter



Hi all!!! The weather is getting colder and I am pretty much done with pouring concrete for 2016.  I've been wanting to do a quick little video to show you all how I make the planters.---People are always asking me questions on how I make the planters.  They usually want to know if they are moulded or carved.  As you can see, the answer is BOTH!

I have been working with concrete for about a decade now and from the very beginning I felt an instant connection with the material. I am still excited about the possibilities of concrete! I love making the planters and I am so grateful that other people connect with them too and buy them and I am able to keep the whole thing going!!!

This winter I will be moving the operation into the top floor of my heated garage/studio. I am chopping at the bit to make a bunch more new designs.  So be on the look out for that  Coming soon...Early 2017!!!


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Maine woman makes the abstract concrete

Valerie McCaffrey Bangor daily News interview

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June 7th 2016

Valerie McCaffrey efflorescent trouble shooting white residual #

Trouble Shooting-  White Residual on planters. Have you noticed a white residual on your planter?  I have too. It is a harmless calcium-carbonate mineral salt called efflorescent. Although it is harmless it can be unsightly.  Fortunately it can be washed off. To clean off efflorescence, wash the piece with water repeatedly.The process will be finite there is only a limited amount of soluble salt in the concrete.   Going forward I will be using a denser mix and applying a waterproofer to each piece. Please call if you have any questions or issues.

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