Hand carved and moulded cement creations. Inspired by inspration itself!!!
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Heads Up — A Decade in Concrete

Quick Video on How a planter is made

Valerie McCaffrey A Decade in Concrete Video on making a planter



Hi all!!! The weather is getting colder and I am pretty much done with pouring concrete for 2016.  I've been wanting to do a quick little video to show you all how I make the planters.---People are always asking me questions on how I make the planters.  They usually want to know if they are moulded or carved.  As you can see, the answer is BOTH!

I have been working with concrete for about a decade now and from the very beginning I felt an instant connection with the material. I am still excited about the possibilities of concrete! I love making the planters and I am so grateful that other people connect with them too and buy them and I am able to keep the whole thing going!!!

This winter I will be moving the operation into the top floor of my heated garage/studio. I am chopping at the bit to make a bunch more new designs.  So be on the look out for that  Coming soon...Early 2017!!!


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