Hand carved and moulded cement creations. Inspired by inspration itself!!!
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April is Here

Valerie McCaffrey April Concrete Carving Class Gardenguardians Mother's Day New Planter Sanctuary Arts Workshop


April,  has been in the making for a few years now.  As you can read from the previous post, I made one like it a few years ago.  I had problems with the rubber and was only able to make 4 of them.  I refined and tweaked the original and made a fresh mould.  I couldn't be more pleased with the results. BUY NOW.  I originally had April listed as a medium planter, but it actually is a large one.  It is even a little larger then the Dreamer.  It came out chunkier then the prototype which works really well with this style. The heft looks good on these ladies.  :)  Who wants a scrawny planter?  :)


 Concrete Carving Workshop

I am very excited to be teaching a mini workshop on Carving Concrete.  I've been wanting to teach a workshop for awhile, and I think Sanctuary Arts, in Eliot Maine, is going to be the perfect location. Join me for a creative, experimental workshop, where we will be rolling up our sleeves and getting into some serious fun.  The workshop is on the Friday and Saturday, of Father's day weekend. A perfect time to make something special for the Fathers in your life. He will appreciate it  even more knowing it was made by you. 

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