Hand carved and moulded cement creations. Inspired by inspration itself!!!
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New 2021 Mix

Valerie McCaffrey

      Hey all.Its been a while since my last newsletter and I just wanted to say hi and tell you about the new batch of Garden Guardians I just dropped off at the Maine Craft Association in Portland.  You may notice some changes in the 2021 Guardians. 1st off, I’ve change the concrete mix.  It is now heavier and stronger and definitely more durable.  Also, I am using the color more sparingly.  I want the pieces to breath and the natural color of the concrete to be part of the color palette.  Just know that, like most color,...

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Sneak Peek into the Studio November 2017

Valerie McCaffrey

Sneak Peek-



Sneak Peek-

I am working on this new planter.  Surprise! It doesn’t has a face.  It is an organic shape that invokes the sprit of growth.  I will be working on it this winter I will be working the form and making it more dramatic.  It will look great with long tall plants. 



I love tiles and now I am making then.  These tiles are almost ready to be cast. This series is about flow.  Each tile is 6x6 inches and there are 9 tile in the series.  I think they are going to look great as a series on a wall.


Recently I went to Rowe Mass and took a Touch Drawing Workshop with Washington based artist, Deborah Kopp Chapin.


Touch Drawing is a simple yet profound method of drawing.  You use your fingers as drawing tools.  It is designed to enable you to dive deep into the creative source and create a large amount of drawings.  Some of these drawings may have a special meaning or message for you.


You can then choose a few of the drawings to further refine the image.  I resonated with this method and I appreciated how it deconstructs the creative process and make it accessible to everyone.  I will be teaching a few workshops in December and possibility more in the future.  So stay tune.


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Concrete Carving Workshop

Valerie McCaffrey

When: September 15th 5 to 8 pm and September 16th 10 to 2 pm.

Where: 15 Ballard Street South Portland Maine @ The the Studio

I have been wanting to teach a concrete carving class for years.  I started working with concrete about 10 years ago and I was instantly hooked. I was really excited ( and  a little nervous) when I taught my first concrete carving class at  Sanctuary Arts  in Elliot Maine earlier this summer.  The class was a lot of fun and booked up really quickly so I decided to go ahead and teach another 2 day class in my studio in September.  

Join me for a creative, experimental workshop, where we will be rolling up our sleeves and get into some serious fun.   A perfect time to make something special for the holidays. 

Day One:

When you get to the studio I will have some concrete forms ready to carve,  As you are carving the concrete I will go over the different methods of making simple moulds.  You will have the opportunity to prep one or two moulds and we will measure, mix and pour the concrete.  Yahoo.

Day Two:

The next Morning- You will take your concrete out of the mould and get carving.   I have plenty of carving materials. I will be their for assistance.  The time flies by. You will leave this class with all the info and experience necessary to get carving on your own!

135.00 for Class

25.00 for Materials


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April is Here

Valerie McCaffrey April Concrete Carving Class Gardenguardians Mother's Day New Planter Sanctuary Arts Workshop

Order now and get it at the introductory price of $125.00 Save on shipping and pick it up at the studio- Order ends Monday, May 8th.  BUY NOW

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New planters for spring 2017

Valerie McCaffrey


New Redesigned April 


April 2017

(Left) In 2015 I created a planter named April, but unfortunately the mould had some structural flaws and it just wasn't able to hold up to the concrete production.  I was only able to make about six of them.

(Right) I redid  it for 2017, and made some massive improvements. The eyes are much more defined and it is about 2 inches taller with a very generous planting space. Next week I will be making a mould.  If you pre order before March 2017, you get a hefty discount.:)  


(Left) Dreamer is one of my most popular planters. It has a hand on the side and it is very contemplative.  Customers are always asking if I had a smaller one.  

(Right) Finally I do!!!  Little dreamer.  Keep those Dreams alive!!!   Massive discounts if you get it before March 15, 2017


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